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Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a method to provide confidential health care over the internet. Using a secure, HIPAA compliant platform, we are able to bring your provider to you.

Do I have to have special equipment?

No! You can participate in your appointment with almost any device. All you need is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet that has a camera and an internet connection. No special equipment is needed.

Will I be required to download software? I’m not very tech savvy.

No special software or programs need to be downloaded! If you have a smartphone, you will receive a link to download an App. This App helps to ensure that your appointment is private and secure. If you participate on a tablet or computer, you will simply click on a link. There is nothing to download.

Will this just be a phone call? Can I actually see my provider?

This is a big improvement and way more then a phone call! You will be connected with your provider for a face-to-face video visit, in the comfort of your own home, just like if you were in the office.

Can you see children? What about the elderly?

We provide services to patients of all ages, from as young as 5 to as old as 100 and every age in between. Some people are hesitant to first try telehealth, but once they do, they love it and wish they had found it sooner!

What is the benefit of telehealth?

When you participate in your appointment via our secure, HIPAA compliant platform, you are getting prompt and convenient care. No more traveling to an office, no more endless waiting in a waiting room! At Birchwood Professional, we value your time as much as you do. Your appointment will start promptly as scheduled! This means you no longer need to take large amounts of time off work or out of your day for your healthcare appointments. No more sitting in traffic! We provide convenient and efficient appointments with flexible scheduling, when possible.

Do I have to come to an office?

For most patients the answer is no, you can participate from anywhere you feel comfortable. Some insurers do have different requirements for telehealth. When that is the case, we will help you with that.

Is Telehealth private?

Just like with a face-to-face appointment, your Telehealth visit will be private and confidential. You can even meet in pajamas!

Will the appointments be recorded?

None of our appointments will ever be recorded or stored.

Will my provider and my care be as good as if I were to come to an office for a traditional appointment?

Absolutely, and hopefully, even more so! At Birchwood Professional, we pride ourselves on bringing excellent customer service back to health care. We do our best to ensure that your experience is pleasant and that you receive the highest quality, up-to-date, evidence-based medicine that is available. Your provider will never rush through your appointment. Our patients are valued and appreciated!  Our entire staff strives to ensure that you feel heard, cared about, and that your needs are met.

I’m a bit hesitant. Can I set up a test call to see if it works for me?

Absolutely! Of course, we will gladly arrange a free test session in order to experience our great Telehealth platform for yourself. and see if it will be appropriate for you and your needs.

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