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Why Choose Birchwood Telepsychiatry?

We are caring, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners offering concierge telepsychiatry services. 

Birchwood Telepsychiatry uses the latest and most up-to-date technology to meet your needs and schedule. 

We'll help you find your happiness!


Patient centered care. We will work as a team to achieve your individualized treatment goals. Your treatment is about YOU!


With multiple options, you are able to customize your care to best suit your needs and schedule. You, and not your insurance company, dictate your care.  We accept many insurances, as well as self payment for service.


Your time is valuable. Your appointment will begin promptly, as scheduled. No wasting time in a waiting room, or not being heard by your provider. New patient evaluations range from 45 to 90 minutes. Follow up appointments last 15 to 60 minutes. Again, all sessions are personalized to meet your needs.


Private appointments at a time that is convenient for you. With a laptop or notebook, or smartphone - and an internet connection, you can attend your appointment, regardless of where you are. No time is wasted traveling or waiting. Feeling ill? Bad weather? No need to cancel your appointment! We respect how valuable your time is.


Unless you are a minor child, our provider and you are the only ones who have to be involved in your care. You are in charge and you choose who is involved in every way.

"I can't believe this.  My 20 minute appointment only took 20 minutes.  This is wonderful.  I wish all my healthcare appointments were this easy" 

Female telepsychiatry patient, age 49

"Taking time off work and school for appointments uses such a huge amount of time.  These appointments are so convenient and yet just as thorough and useful.  I also love that in the future I can do my appointments at work during a short break.  Everyone suffers from a lack of extra time & this is definitely a time saver in my opinion" 

Mother of 7 year old telepsychiatry patient

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